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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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256                                        HEIDI
" Oh, grandfather, here is my bedroom! Oh, how lovely ! But where will you sleep ? "
" Your bedroom must be near the stove, so that you won't freeze," said her grandfather. "You may see mine too."
Heidi skipped across the big room after her grand­father, who opened a door on the other side; and this led into a little room where he had arranged his bed. Then came another door. Heidi quickly opened it and stood still in amazement, for it looked into a sort of kitchen more enormous than any she had ever seen in her life. It had given her grandfather a great deal of work, and there was still much to do; for there were holes and wide cracks in the walls on all sides, where the wind blew in, although so many had been nailed up with boards that it looked as if little cupboards had been made all around in the wall. The grandfather had also succeeded in repairing the big ancient door with wires and nails, so that it could be shut; and this was a good thing, for it opened into the most ruined part of the building, overgrown with thick briars, where multitudes of lizards and beetles had their abode.
The new dwelling-place pleased Heidi well, and on the very next day, when Peter came to see how they were getting along there, she had spied out every nook and corner so thoroughly that she was quite at home and could take Peter everywhere. She gave him no rest, until he had thoroughly seen all the wonderful things which their new house contained.
Heidi slept excellently in her chimney corner, but
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