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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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THE WINTER IN DORFLI                        257
in the morning she thought she had wakened on the mountain, and that she must open the door of the hut at once to see if the reason the fir trees were not roaring was because the deep, heavy snow was lying on them and bending down their branches. So every morning at first she had to look around her for a long while until she remembered where she was, and every time she felt something stifling and pressing her heart, when she saw that she was not at home on the mountain. But when she heard her grandfather talk­ing outside with Schwanli and Barli, and the goats bleated so loud and merrily, as if they were calling to her, " Hurry and come out, Heidi," then she felt that she was at home after all, and jumped gaily out of bed and hurried to the big goat barn. On the fourth day Heidi said : —
" To-day I must really go up to see the grandmother ; she can't be alone so long."
But her grandfather did not agree to it. " Not to­day, nor to-morrow either," he said. "The Aim is six feet deep with snow, and it keeps on snowing; stout Peter can hardly get through it. A little thing like you, Heidi, would be snowed in and covered up the first thing, and you never could be found again. Wait a little, until it freezes, then you can easily walk over the crust."
It was a grief to Heidi at first to have to wait. But the days were now so full of work that one passed away and another came unawares.
Every morning and every afternoon now Heidi went
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