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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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258                                        HEIDI
to school and was quick in learning all her lessons. She hardly ever saw Peter in school, for he seldom came. The teacher was a meek man and only now and then said : —
" It seems to me Peter is absent again ; school would do him good; but there is a great deal of snow up there, perhaps he can't get through."
But toward evening, when school was out, Peter usually got through and paid a visit to Heidi.
After a few days the sun came out again and threw its rays over the white earth ; but it went down behind the mountains again very early, as if it was not so well pleased to look down as in summer, when everything was green and in bloom. In the evening the moon rose very bright and big, and all night long shone over the vast snow fields, and the next morning the whole mountain from top to bottom glistened and glittered like a crystal. When Peter jumped out of the window into the deep snow, as he had done the day before, something happened which he had not expected. In­stead of coming down into the soft snow, he struck on a surprisingly hard surface, and before he knew it, had slipped a good piece down the mountain, like an empty sled. In great surprise he finally succeeded in getting on his feet again, and then stamped with all his might on the crust, to assure himself that what had just hap­pened was really possible. It was actually so; as he stamped and beat with his heels, he could scarcely break off the least bit of ice; the whole Aim was frozen as hard as a rock. Peter liked this ; for he knew that
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