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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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THE WINTER IN DORFLI                        259
this state of things was necessary for Heidi to be able to come up there again. He promptly turned back, swallowed the milk which his mother had just put on the table, tucked his piece of bread into his pocket, and said hastily: —
" I must go to school."
" Yes, do go and study hard," said his mother en­couragingly.
Peter crawled through the window, for now they were shut in again on account of the heaps of ice before the door, pulled his little sled after him, sat down on it, and shot down the mountain.
It went like lightning, and when he came near to Dorfli, where it goes farther down toward Mayenfeld, Peter kept on, for it occurred to him that he might injure himself and his sled if he should stop suddenly. So he went on until he was down on level ground and the sled stopped of itself. Then he got up and looked around. The force of the descent had carried him somewhat beyond Mayenfeld. Then he considered that he should be too late for school, as it had begun some time before, and it would take him almost an hour to climb back there again. So he had plenty of time to go back. This he did, and reached Dorfli just as Heidi had returned from school and was sitting down to dinner with her grandfather. Peter went in, and as this time he had a definite idea to propound, it was upper­most in his mind, and he had to speak it out at once.
"We've got it," said Peter, standing still in the middle of the room.
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