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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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260                                              HEIDI
" Got what, general ? That sounds well," said the uncle.
"The crust," replied Peter.
" Oh! oh ! Now I can go up to see the grand­mother! " shouted Heidi joyfully, for she had at once understood Peter's manner of expressing himself. " But why didn't you come to school, then ? You could slide down well enough," she suddenly added in reproach; for it occurred to Heidi that it was not right to remain away from school if one could go as well as not.
" Went too far on my sled; 't was too late," replied Peter.
"That is called desertion," said the uncle; "and people who do that are taken by the ears ! Do you hear?"
Peter pulled his cap in alarm, for there was nobody in the world for whom he had so great respect as for the Aim-Uncle.
" And, besides, a leader such as you are ought to be doubly ashamed of running away so," continued the uncle.
" What would you think if your goats should run one this way and another that, and refuse to follow you, and do what was good for them ? What would you do then ?"
" Beat them," replied Peter knowingly.
" And if a boy behaves like an unruly goat and is beaten a little, what wrould you say to that ?"
" Served him right," was the answer.
" Well, now understand, goat-colonel, if you go past
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