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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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the school on your sled a single time when you ought to be in it, come here to me and get what you deserve."
Then Peter understood what the Aim-Uncle meant: that he considered the boy that played truant like an unruly goat. He was quite impressed by this likeness and looked a little anxiously into the corner to see whether he could discover what he used at such times for the goats.
The uncle then said cheerfully : —
" Come to the table now and sit down with us, then Heidi may go with you. If you bring her back home at evening, you will find your supper here."
This unexpected turn of affairs was highly delight­ful to Peter; his face was twisted in every way with
delight. He obeyed instantly and sat down beside Heidi. But the child had already had enough and could swallow no more, she was so delighted that she could go to see the grandmother. She pushed the big potato
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