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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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and the toasted cheese, still left on her plate, toward Peter, who had already had his plate filled from the other side by the uncle, so that he had a regular wall before him; but courage to attack it was not lacking. Heidi ran to the cupboard and brought out the little cloak Klara had given her; now she could take the journey, warmly wrapped up, with the hood over her head. She placed herself beside Peter, and as soon as he had shoved in his last mouthful she said :
"Now come! "
Then they started along. Heidi had a great deal to tell Peter about Schwanli and Barli: that neither of them would eat anything the first day in their new barn, and that they had hung their heads the whole day and not made a sound. She had asked her grandfather why they did so, and he had said that they felt just as she did in Frankfurt, for they had never been down from the Aim in all their lives. And Heidi added :
" You just ought to know once what that is, Peter."
The two had almost reached the end of their journey before Peter said a word, and it seemed as if he was so deeply absorbed in thought that he could not hear right, as usual. When they reached the hut, Peter stood still and said somewhat crossly:
"There ! I would rather go to school than take from the uncle what he said."
Heidi was of the same opinion and encouraged him eagerly in his decision.
In the room inside, Peter's mother was sitting alone with her mending ; she said the grandmother had to
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