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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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264                                         HEIDI
Her words soothed Heidi, who was very much trou­bled, for she had never found the grandmother sick in bed before. She looked at her a little while in surprise, and then said : —
" In Frankfurt they put on a shawl to go outdoors in. Did you think you ought to put it on when you go to bed, grandmother ? "
" Do you know, Heidi," she replied, " I wrap the shawl around me so in bed in order not to freeze. I am so glad to have it, for the bed covering is rather thin."
" But, grandmother," Heidi began again, " your head goes down hill, where it ought to go up; a bed ought not to be like that."
" I know it, child, I realize it well enough"; and the grandmother tried to find a better place for the pillow, that lay like a thin board under her head. " You see the pillow was never thick, and now I have slept so many years on it that I have made it rather flat."
" Oh, if only I had asked Klara when I was in Frank­furt to let me take my bed home with me!" exclaimed Heidi; "it had three big, thick pillows, one on top of another, so that I could n't sleep, and always slipped down where it was flat, and then I had to move up again because I ought n't to sleep so. Could you sleep so, grandmother ? "
"Yes, indeed; it would make me warm, and I could breathe so easily if I could lie with my head high," said the grandmother, lifting her head rather wearily, as if to find a higher place for it. " But we won't talk
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