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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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THE WINTER IN DORFLI                         265
about that, for I have to thank the dear Lord for so much that other sick old people do not have : the nice rolls that I have all the time, and the nice warm shawl here, and your coming to see me, Heidi. Will you read something to me again to-day, Heidi ?"
Heidi ran out and brought back the old hymn book. Then she found one beautiful song after another, for she knew them well now, and enjoyed them herself, and it was many days since she had heard all the verses she was so fond of.
The grandmother lay with folded hands, and on her face, which at first had looked so troubled, now rested a happy smile, as if a great good fortune had come to her.
Suddenly Heidi stopped.
" Grandmother, are you well again already ? "
" I 'm feeling much better, Heidi. What you have read to me has done me good. Finish it, will you ? "
The child read the hymn to the end, and when she came to the last words,
" When mine eyes grow dimmer, sadder, Pour thy light into my heart, That I ?nay pass over gladder
Than men to their homes depart"
the grandmother repeated them over and over, and an expression of very joyful expectation came over her face. Heidi felt so happy to see it. All the sunny day of her journey home rose before her, and she exclaimed with delight:
" Grandmother, I know already how it seems to be on the way home."
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