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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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THE WINTER IN DORFLI                        267
remembered all that she had said, and the light the words kindled in her heart. And she thought if the grandmother only could hear the words every day, then she would feel well all the time. But she knew that now a whole week, or perhaps even two, must pass before she could go up to her again. This seemed so sad to Heidi that she kept thinking harder and harder what she could do to have the grandmother hear the words every day. Suddenly help came to her, and she was so glad about it that it seemed to her she could hardly wait for the morning to come so that she might carry out her plan. All at once Heidi sat straight up in bed, for she had been so deep in thought that she had not sent up her evening prayer to the dear Lord, and she would never forget that again.
When she had prayed straight from her heart for herself and her grandfather and the grandmother, she fell back at once into her soft hay and slept very soundly and peacefully until the bright morning.
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