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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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After this, Peter came down to school at exactly the right time. He brought his dinner with him in his bag, for this was the custom there. When all the chil­dren in Dorfli had gone home at noon, the other scholars, who lived at a distance, sat down on the long desks, braced their feet firmly against the seats, and spread the luncheon they had brought in their laps, to take their midday meal. They could enjoy themselves until one o'clock, then school began again. When Peter had spent the day in school, he went after it was over to the uncle's, to pay a visit to Heidi.
When he entered the big room, Heidi ran to meet him, for she had been expecting him.
"Peter, I know something," she called to him.
" Say it," he replied.
" You must learn to read," was the news she had for him.
" It's no use," was the reply.
" Oh, Peter! I don't agree with you," said Heidi eagerly ; " I think that you can after a little."
" Cannot," remarked Peter.
"Nobody believes such a thing as that, and I don't either," said Heidi very decidedly. " The grandmamma
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