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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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THE, WINTER STILL CONTINUES                269
in Frankfurt knew that it was n't true, and she told me that I ought not to believe it either."
Peter was dumfounded at this news.
" I will teach you to read; I know how very well," Heidi continued. " You must learn now once for all, and then you must read one or two hymns every day to your grandmother."
"Don't want to," grumbled Peter.
This obstinacy toward something which was good and right and which Heidi had set her heart on made her angry. With flashing eyes she placed herself in front of the boy and said threateningly :
" Then I will tell you what will happen, if you will never learn anything ; your mother has already said twice that you would have to go to Frankfurt to learn something, and I know very well where the boys go to school there; Klara showed me the frightfully big house when we were out driving. There they don't go merely when they are boys, but just the same when they get to be great, big men; I saw that myself; and then you must n't suppose that there is only one teacher there, as we have here, and such a kind one. Whole rows, ever so many together, are always going into the house, and all of them are dressed in black, as if they were going to church, and have such high black hats on their heads"; and Heidi measured the size of the hats from the floor up.
The shivers ran down Peter's back.
" And then you would have to go in among all the masters," continued Heidi eagerly; "and if it came your
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