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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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270                                        HEIDI
turn, you couldn't read at all and would make mistakes even in the alphabet. Then you would see how the masters would laugh at you, and that is much worse than Tinette, and you ought to know how it is when she laughs at you."
"Then I will," said Peter half petulantly, half whin-ingly.
In a moment Heidi was pacified.
" Well, that is right, and we will begin at once," she cried in her delight; and pulling Peter in a business­like way to the table, she brought out the articles needed for work.
In Klara's big package there was a little book which had pleased Heidi very much, and it had occurred to her the night before that it would be a good thing to use for teaching Peter. It was an A-B-C book in rhyme.
They both sat down at the table, their heads bent over the little book, and the lesson began.
Peter had to spell the first sentence over and over again, for Heidi insisted on having it done nicely and without hesitation.
Finally she said : —
" You don't know it yet, but I will read it over and over to you; if you know what it means, you can spell it out better"; and Heidi read : —
" If A, B, C, you do not know, Before the school board you will go."
" I will not go," said Peter angrily. "Where?" asked Heidi.
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