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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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"Before the school board," was the reply.
" Then try to learn the three letters, and you won't have to go," explained Heidi.
Then Peter began again and repeated the three let­ters perseveringly until Heidi said : —
" Now you know these three."
But as she noticed what an effect the words had made on Peter, she wanted to prepare a little for the following lessons.
" Wait, — I will read you the other sentences," she continued ; " then you will see all that is coming."
And she began to read very clearly and distinctly :—
"D, E, F, G, must smoothly fly, Or else misfortune will be nigh.
If H, I, f, K, are forgot, Misfortune is upon the spot.
Whoe'er on L, M, still will stumble Must pay a flne and then feel humble.
There's something bad, and if you knew You W quickly learn N, O, P, Q.
If still on R, S, T, you halt,
The harm that comes will be your faultP
Here Heidi stopped, for Peter was as still as a mouse, and she had to see what he was doing. All these threats and mysterious horrors had so overcome him that he could not move a muscle, and was staring at Heidi in terror.
This immediately touched Heidi's tender heart, and she said comfortingly : —
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