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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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by the throat and carry him where he would not care to go.
On the following afternoon Heidi read : —
" If now you fail to know the W, There hangs a stick and it will trouble you.'1''
Then Peter looked around and said scornfully : —
"There is n't any."
" Yes, there is ; don't you know what grandfather has in the chest?" asked Heidi. "A stick as big around as my arm, and when he takes it out he can say : —
" ' Behold the stick, and it will trouble you.''
Peter knew the big hazel stick. He bent over his W at once and tried to grasp it.
The next day it read : —
" If you the letter X forget, For you no supper will be set."
Then Peter looked inquiringly toward the cupboard where the bread and cheese were kept, and said snap­pishly : —
" I have never said that I should forget X."
"That is right, if you don't forget it; then we can learn one letter more," suggested Heidi; "and to-mor­row you will have only one left."
Peter was not agreed, but Heidi read : -*-
Then there rose before Peter's eyes all the masters in Frankfurt with their tall, black hats on their heads and
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