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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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274                                             HEIDI
scorn and ridicule in their faces. He immediately attacked the letter Y, and did not let it go again until he knew it so well that he could close his eyes and still see how it looked.
On the next day Peter was feeling rather proud when he came to Heidi, for there was only one letter left for
him to study, and when Heidi read the verse to him,
" Who hesitates upon the Z, With the Hottentots shall be,"
he said sneeringly : —
"Yes, when nobody knows where they are ! "
"Indeed, Peter, my grandfather knows," as­serted Heidi; "just wait and I will ask him right away where they are; he is over at the pastor's house"; and Heidi jumped up and was going out at the door.
"Wait!" screamed Peter in great alarm, for he already saw in his imagination the Aim-Uncle coming in with the pastor, and the two seizing him at once and sending him off to the Hottentots, for he really did not know the name of Z. His troubled cry made Heidi stand still.
" What is the matter with you ?" she asked in surprise.
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