HEIDI, illustrated - complete online book

The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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front of the house, sit down on the ground and peep into the short grass to see how many flower-cups were going to open or were open already. So many gay gnats and little beetles were hopping and crawling and dancing about in the sun and enjoying themselves, and Heidi was happy with them, and drew in long breaths of the spring fragrance, which came up out of the fresh earth. It seemed even more beautiful on the moun­tain than ever before. The thousand little creatures must have liked it as well as she did, for it seemed exactly as if they were all humming and singing for sheer delight : " On the Aim ! On the Aim ! On the Aim ! "
From the workshop behind the house, every now and then, came the sound of busy hammering and saw­ing, and Heidi listened, for it was the old familiar sound she knew so well, and which she had heard ever since she came to live on the Aim. She had to jump up and run at once to the shop, for she wished to know what her grandfather was doing. In front of the work­shop door there was standing a fine new stool already finished, and her grandfather was working skilfully on another.
" Oh, I know what that is for!" exclaimed Heidi with delight. " That will be needed when they come from Frankfurt. It is for the grandmamma, and the one you are making now is for Klara, and then —then there will have to be one more," continued Heidi hesitatingly ; "or do you think, grandfather, that Fraulein Rotten-meier will not come with them ?"
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