HEIDI, illustrated - complete online book

The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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"That I can't say now," said her grandfather, "but it will be safer to have one ready, so that we can invite her to sit down if she comes."
Heidi looked critically at the little wooden stool and quietly considered how it would suit Fraulein Rotten-meier. After a while she said doubtfully, shaking her head : —
"Grandfather, I don't believe she would sit on it."
" Then we will invite her to the sofa with the beau­tiful green grass covering," replied the grandfather quietly.
As Heidi was thinking where the beautiful sofa with the green grass covering could be, suddenly there sounded from above a whistling and calling and rod swinging through the air, so that Heidi knew at once what it was. She ran out and was surrounded in a twinkling by the leaping goats. They must have been as glad as Heidi to be up on the mountain again, for they jumped higher and bleated more merrily than they had ever done before, and Heidi was pushed back and forth by them, for each one was anxious to get next to her and express its delight. But Peter pushed them all away, some to the right and others to the left, for he had a message to give to Heidi. When he had made his way to her, he held out a letter toward her.
"There! " he said, leaving Heidi to find out the rest for herself. She was very much surprised.
" Did you find a letter for me up in the pasture ? " she asked in great astonishment.
"No," was the answer.
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