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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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286                                              HEIDI
surely want to take her back with them. This was a great grief to the grandmother. But she felt that she ought not to say anything about it before Heidi ; she would be so sorry for her that she would perhaps object to going, and that must not be. She sought for some remedy, but not long, for she knew but one.
" I know something, Heidi," she then said, "that will make me feel better and bring me good thoughts again. Read me the hymn where it begins, ' God will bring.'"
Heidi had now become so familiar with the old hymn book that she at once found the place the grandmother desired and read in a clear voice : —
" God will bring Everything Into order as is wholesome for thy soulj Thoti shall be Safe at sea, Though the foaming billows wildly round thee roll"
"Yes, yes, that is exactly what I want to hear," said the grandmother, relieved, and the expression of distress disappeared from her face. Heidi looked at her thoughtfully and then said : —
" Grandmother, does wholesome mean when every­thing is cured so that one is entirely well again ? "
"Yes, yes, that is what it will be," said the grand­mother, nodding in assent; " and because the dear Lord will make it so; we can be sure how it will come out. Read it once more, Heidi, so that we can fix it in our minds and not forget it."
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