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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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Heidi read the lines over again, and then twice more, for the thought of safety pleased her so much.
When evening came and Heidi was climbing up the mountain again, one little star after another came out and sparkled and twinkled down at her, and it seemed exactly as if each one wanted to send a new beam of great delight into her heart, and Heidi had to stand still every moment and look up, and when they all in every part of the sky looked down with still greater delight, she had to exclaim quite loudly:
" I know now, because the dear Lord knows so well what is best, we can have such joy and be perfectly safe!"
And the little stars all twinkled and sparkled and winked at Heidi, until she reached the hut, where her grandfather was standing, and also gazing up at the stars, for they had not shone so beautifully for a long time.
Not only the nights but also the days in this month of May were brighter and clearer than they had been for many years, and the grandfather often looked out in the morning in surprise to see how the sun was coming up again in a cloudless sky, that the sunrise was as glorious as the sunset, and he would repeat:
" It is a remarkably sunny year; it will make the pasturage very rich. Take care, leader, that your leapers don't get too wild from the good feed !"
Then Peter would swing his rod boldly in the air, and the answer was plainly written on his face:
" I '11 be a match for them."
So the verdant May soon passed and June came with
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