HEIDI, illustrated - complete online book

The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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its still warmer sun and long, long, light days, alluring all the flowers on the whole mountain to come out, so that they shone and glowed everywhere, and filled the air all about with their sweet fragrance. This month too was drawing to an end when one morning Heidi, having already finished her morning tasks, came run­ning out of the hut. She hurried out under the fir trees and then a little higher up to see if the big cen­taury bush was in bloom, for the little flowers were enchantingly lovely with the sun shining through them. But as Heidi was running around the hut she suddenly screamed with all her might so loud that the uncle came out of his shop, for it was something unusual.
"Grandfather! grandfather!" cried the child as if beside herself. " Come here! come here ! See! see ! "
The grandfather came at her call, and his eyes fol­lowed the excited child's outstretched arm.
A strange procession, such as had never been seen there before, was winding up the Aim. First came two men with a sedan chair in which sat a young girl wrapped up in ever so many shawls. Then came a horse on which sat a stately lady, who was looking with great interest in every direction and talking eagerly with the young guide walking by her side. Then came an empty wheel chair, pushed by another young fellow, for the invalid to whom it belonged could be carried more securely up the steep mountain in the sedan chair. Last of all walked a porter, who had so many wraps, shawls, and furs piled up in the basket on his back that they reached high above his head.
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