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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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290                                              HEIDI
As soon as the first words of greeting had been said, the grandmamma exclaimed with great enthusiasm : —
" My dear uncle, what a splendid situation you have ! Who would have believed it! Many a king might envy you ! How well my Heidi looks! Like a little June rose!" she continued, drawing the child to her and stroking her fresh cheeks. " How glorious it is every­where all about! What do you say, Klarchen, my child; what do you say ? "
Klara was looking around her perfectly enchanted; she had never seen anything, never imagined anything like it in all her life.
" Oh, how beautiful it is here! Oh, how beautiful it is here ! " she exclaimed again and again. " I never imagined it. Oh, grandmamma, I should like to stay here!"
Meanwhile the uncle had pushed along the wheel chair, taken some shawls out of the basket, and arranged them in it. Then he stepped up to the sedan chair.
" If we should put the little daughter in her accus­tomed chair now, it would be better for her; the travel­ing chair is a little hard," he said ; and without waiting for any one to assist him, at once lifted the little invalid gently in his strong arms out of the straw chair and placed her with the greatest care in the soft seat. Then he laid the shawls over her knees and wrapped her feet as comfortably on the cushion as if he had done nothing else all his life but care for invalids who could not use their limbs. The grandmamma looked at him in the greatest astonishment.
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