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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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Then she exclaimed : —
" My dear uncle, if I knew where you learned to care for the sick, I would send all the nurses I know there to take lessons. How is it possible ? "
The uncle smiled a little. " It comes more from experience than from study," he replied; but in spite of the smile a look of sadness came over his face. Out of the remote past before his eyes rose the suffering face of a man who used to sit wrapped up in a chair just like this, and was so crippled that he could hardly use a limb. It was his captain, whom he had found lying on the ground after a fierce battle in Sicily, and had carried off the field; and from that time the captain would allow no other nurse around him, and would never let him out of his sight, until his great sufferings came to an end. The uncle saw his sick friend before him again; his only thought now was that it would be his duty to care for sick Klara and show her all those comforting attentions he under­stood so well.
The sky spread deep blue and cloudless above the hut and the fir trees and high above the lofty cliffs which towered up so gray and sparkling. Klara could not look around enough; she was perfectly fascinated with all that she saw.
" Oh, Heidi, if I could only go around with you, about the hut and under the fir trees! " she exclaimed long:-ingly. " If I could go with you to look at all the things I have heard so much about and have n't as yet seen !"
Then Heidi made a great effort and succeeded in
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