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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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292                                              HEIDI
rolling the chair smoothly over the dry, grassy ground under the fir trees. Here she paused. Klara had never seen anything in her life like the tall old fir trees whose long, wide-spreading branches grew down to the ground and became larger and thicker there. The grandmamma, who had followed the children, also stood still in great admiration. She could not tell which was the more beautiful, the full roaring tops of the ancient trees, high up in the blue sky, or their straight, strong trunks, which with their mighty branches could tell of so many, many years while they had been standing there and looking down into the valley where men came and went and everything else was constantly changing, but they always remained the same.
Meanwhile, Heidi pushed the wheel chair in front of the goat-shed and opened the little door wide, so that Klara could see everything inside. There was really not much to see now, for the goats were not at home. Klara called back quite regretfully :
"Oh, grandmamma, if I could just wait for Schwanli and Barli and all the other goats, and Peter! I can never see them all if we always have to go away as early as you said ; it is such a shame! "
"Dear child, we will enjoy all the beautiful things that are here, and not think about those that are wanting," was the grandmamma's advice, as she followed the chair, which Heidi was now pushing back.
" Oh, the flowers ! " exclaimed Klara ; "whole bushes of fine red flowers, and all the nodding bluebells ! Oh, if I could only go and get some ! "
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