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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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DISTANT FRIENDS HEARD FROM                 293
Heidi immediately ran and brought back to her a great bunch of them.
" But this is nothing, Klara," she said, laying the flowers in her lap. " If you could come up to the pas­ture with us once, then you would see something ! In one place there are so many, many bushes of red cen­tauries and ever so many more bluebells than here, and so many thousand bright yellow wild roses that it looks as if the ground was shining with pure gold. And then there are some with large leaves, which my grandfather says are called heliopsis, and, besides, the brown ones, you know, with little round heads, which smell so good,—and it is so beautiful! If you once sit down there, you can never get up again, it is so lovely!"
Heidi's eyes sparkled with longing to see what she described, and Klara was so excited by it that out of her gentle blue eyes there shone a complete reflection of Heidi's fiery enthusiasm.
" Oh, grandmamma, can I go up there ? Do you think I could go so high ?" she asked eagerly. " Oh, if I could only go, Heidi, and climb around everywhere on the mountain with you ! "
" I will push you," said Heidi soothingly; and to show how easily it went she took such a run around the cor­ner that the chair almost ran away from her down the mountain. But her grandfather was standing near and stopped its course just in time.
During their visit to the fir trees the grandfather had not been idle. The table and necessary chairs were
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