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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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standing by the bench in front of the hut and every­thing was ready ; the good dinner was still steaming in the kettle and roasting on the big fork over the fire inside the hut. It was not long before the grand­father had everything on the table and the whole com­pany sat down gladly to the meal.
The grandmamma was perfectly enchanted at this dining-room, from which one could see far, far down into the valley and above all the mountains into the blue sky. A cool, mild breeze gently fanned the faces of the guests and rustled as pleasantly in the fir trees as if it had been especially ordered music for the feast.
" Nothing like this has ever happened to me. It is really glorious!" exclaimed the grandmamma again and again. " But what do I see ? " she added in the greatest surprise. " I believe you are taking a second piece of toasted cheese, Klarchen ! "
Sure enough, a second golden shining piece of cheese lay on Klara's slice of bread.
" Oh, it tasted so good, grandmamma, — better than everything on the table at Ragatz," asserted Klara, taking the appetizing dish with great relish.
" Eat away ! Eat away ! " said the Aim-Uncle, well pleased. " It is our mountain air, which succeeds when the cook fails."
So the happy meal went on. The grandmamma and the Aim-Uncle took a great liking to each other, and their conversation became more and more lively. They agreed in all their opinions about men and things and the progress of the world as well as if they had been
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