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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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friends for years. Thus the time passed until the grandmamma suddenly looked toward the west and said : —
" We must soon be getting ready, Klarchen ; the sun is already going down; the people will be back with the horse and the chair."
Immediately an expression of sadness came over Klara's happy face and she asked urgently: —
" Oh, grandmamma, just one hour more, or two ! We have n't seen the hut yet, or Heidi's bed and all their other arrangements. Oh, if the day were only ten hours longer! "
"That is not possible," said the grandmamma; but she too wanted to see the hut. So they rose at once from the table, and the uncle directed the chair with steady hand to the door. But here it would go no farther; the chair was much too wide to go through the opening. The uncle did not stop long to consider. He lifted Klara out and carried her in his strong arms into the hut.
The grandmamma went back and forth looking care­fully at all the furnishings, and was greatly amused at the domestic contrivances which were so prettily arranged and well ordered.
" That is surely your bed up above there, Heidi, is it not ?" she then asked, and straightway, without any timidity, climbed the little ladder leading to the hayloft.
"Oh, how sweet it smells! It must be a healthful sleeping room! " and the grandmamma went to the window and peeped through.
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