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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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The grandfather followed with Klara in his arms, and Heidi came on behind.
They then all stood around Heidi's beautifully made hay bed, and the grandmamma looked at it quite crit­ically, every now and then drawing in with delight deep breaths of the spicy fragrance of the new hay. Klara was perfectly charmed with Heidi's sleeping place.
" Oh, Heidi, what a jolly place you have here ! From your bed you can see straight out into the sky, and you have such a lovely odor around you, and you can hear the fir trees roar outside. Oh," I have never seen such a jolly, pleasant sleeping room before! "
The uncle then looked over at the grandmamma.
" I have an idea," he said, " if the grandmamma will listen to me and not be opposed to the plan. I think if we could keep the daughter up here a little while she would gain new strength. You have brought so many shawls and wraps out of which we could arrange an entirely separate soft bed, and your grand­mamma need have no anxiety about the care of the little daughter; that I will undertake myself."
Klara and Heidi both shouted with joy like two escaped birds, and the grandmamma's face lighted up with sunshine.
"My dear uncle, you are a wonderful man!" she exclaimed. " How did you know what I was just thinking about ? I was saying to myself: 'Wouldn't a stay up here give the child especial strength ? But the nursing! the care! the inconvenience to the host!'
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