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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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And here you speak of it as if it would be nothing at all. I must thank you, my dear uncle, I must thank you with my whole heart! " and the grandmamma shook the uncle's hand again and again, and the uncle also shook hers with great delight.
The uncle immediately began to carry out his plan. He carried Klara back to her chair in front of the hut; Heidi followed, not knowing how high she wanted to jump in her delight. Then he piled up all the shawls and fur robes in his arms and said, smiling with satis­faction : —
" It is a good thing that grandmamma brought enough things for a winter campaign ; we can use them."
" My dear uncle," she replied, approaching briskly, " foresight is an excellent virtue, and protection from many an evil. If one escapes storm and wind and vio­lent rains in traveling over your mountains, one may be thankful; and so we are, and my wraps may be useful yet; about that we are agreed."
During this little conversation the two climbed up to the hayloft and began to spread the shawls, one after another, over the bed. There were so many that the bed finally looked like a little fortress.
" Now let a single wisp of hay stick through if it can," said the grandmamma, while she pressed her hand on all sides ; but the soft wall was so impenetrable that nothing really could stick through. Then she climbed down the ladder quite satisfied and went out to the children, who were sitting close together with beaming faces, and planning what they would do from morning
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