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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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till night, as long as Klara stayed on the mountain. But how long would that be ? That was now the great question, which was at once laid before the grand­mamma. She said the grandfather knew best about that; they must ask him. As he happened along just then the question was put to him, and he said he thought that in about four weeks it would be safe to judge whether the mountain air would do its duty by the little daughter or not. Then the children shouted aloud, for the prospect of being together so long sur­passed all their expectations.
The porters with the chair and the guide with the horse were now seen coming up the mountain. The first were allowed to turn around again immediately.
When the grandmamma was preparing to mount the horse, Klara exclaimed cheerfully : —
" Oh, grandmamma, we won't say farewell, if you are going away, for you will come back every little while to visit us on the mountain, to see what we are doing; and that will be so delightful, won't it, Heidi ? "
Heidi, who had had one pleasure after another that day, could only express her assent by jumping high with delight.
Then the grandmamma mounted the steady beast, and the uncle took the bridle and led the horse safely-down the steep mountain. Although the grandmamma tried not to have him go so far, it was of no use; the uncle explained that he was anxious to accompany her as far as Dorfli, for the mountain was so steep and the ride not free from danger.
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