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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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The grandmamma thought that now she was by her­self she would not stay in Dorfli, where it was lonely. She would return to Ragatz and take the journey up the mountain occasionally from there.
Before the uncle returned, Peter came along with his goats. When they noticed Heidi they all rushed toward her; in a moment Klara in her chair, together with Heidi, was in the midst of the flock, and some one goat was always crowding and pushing to see over another, and each was immediately called and presented by Heidi to Klara.
So it happened that in a very short time Klara had made the long-wished-for acquaintance with Schnee-hopli, the jolly Distelfinck, the grandfather's clean goats, and all the rest, up to the big Turk. But Peter mean­while stood aside and threw occasional threatening glances at happy Klara.
When the children both called out pleasantly to him: " Good-night, Peter! " he made no reply, but raised his rod angrily in the air, as if he would like to beat them to pieces. Then he ran away, with his followers after him.
Now came an end to all the lovely things Klara had seen that day on the mountain.
When she lay on her great soft bed in the hayloft, to which Heidi had also climbed, she looked through the round, open window, out at the twinkling stars, and, completely charmed, exclaimed : —
" Oh, Heidi, see, it is just as if we were riding in the sky in a high carriage ! "
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