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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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" Yes, and do you know why the stars are so full of joy, and wink at us so with their eyes? " asked Heidi.
"No, I don't know; what do you think about it? " asked Klara.
" Because they see up in heaven how well the dear Lord directs everything for people, so that they need have no anxiety and can be safe, because everything will happen for the best. That delights them so; see how they wink, that we may be happy too! But do you know, Klara, we must not forget our prayers ; we must ask the dear Lord to think of us, when he is directing everything so well, that we may always be safe and never be afraid of anything."
So the children sat up in bed and said their evening prayer. Then Heidi laid her head on her round arm and was asleep in a moment. But Klara stayed awake for a long time, for she had never seen anything so wonderful in her life as this sleeping room in the star­light.
Moreover she had hardly ever seen the stars, for she never went outside the house at night, and indoors the thick curtains were drawn long before the stars came out. Now whenever she closed her eyes she had to open them again once more to see if the two big bright stars were still shining in and winking as remarkably as Heidi had said. And it was always so, and Klara could not look enough at their twinkling and sparkling, until at last her eyes closed of themselves, and in her dreams she still saw the two big shining stars.
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