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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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The sun was just coming up behind the crags and casting its golden beams over the hut and down across the valley. The Aim-Uncle had been silently and at­tentively watching, as he did every morning, how all. around on the heights and in the valley the light mists were lifting, and the landscape appeared out of the twi­light shadows and awoke to the new day.
Brighter and brighter grew the light morning clouds until the sun came out in all its glory, and rocks and woods and hilltops were bathed in the golden light.
Then the uncle went back into his hut and climbed softly up the little ladder. Klara had just awakened, and was gazing in the greatest amazement at the bright sunbeams, which came in through the round window and glanced and danced on her bed. She did not know what she was looking at or where she was. Then she looked at Heidi, sleeping beside her, and the grand­father's friendly voice sounded, asking : —
"Did you sleep well? Are you tired?"
Klara assured him that she was not tired, and that after she was once asleep she did not wake up again all night. This pleased the grandfather, and he immedi­ately set to work and cared for Klara as well and under-
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