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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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302                                              HEIDI
standingly as if it had always been his profession to care for sick children and make them comfortable.
By this time Heidi had opened her eyes and was surprised to see that her grandfather had already fin­ished Klara's toilet and was carrying her away in his arms. She felt that she must be with them. She dressed as quick as lightning; then went down the lad­der and was out at the door and stood looking in the greatest surprise at what her grandfather had been doing further. The evening before, when the children had gone to bed in the loft, he had planned how to bring the wide rolling chair under cover. The door of the hut was much too small to allow it to enter. Then a thought came to him. Behind the shop he loosened two large boards and thus formed a wide opening. The chair was pushed in, and then the planks were put back in their places, though they were not fastened.
Heidi came along just as her grandfather was putting Klara in her chair, for he had taken away the boards and was coming out of the shop with her into the morning sunshine. He left the chair standing in a safe place and went to the goat-shed. Heidi ran to Klara's side.
The cool morning breeze blew around the children's faces, and the spicy fragrance from the fir trees came down with every new gust of wind. Klara drew in deep breaths and leaned back in her chair with a feel­ing of health such as she had never known before.
Never in her life had she breathed in the fresh morn­ing air outdoors under the open sky, and now the pure mountain breeze blew around her so cool and refresh-
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