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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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ing that every breath was a pleasure. And then there was the bright, sweet sunshine, which was not at all hot up there, and lay so lovely and warm on her hands and on the dry, grassy earth at her feet. Klara had never imagined that it could be like this on the mountain.
" Oh, Heidi, if only I could always, always stay up here with you! " she said, turning with delight first one way and then another in her chair, to take in the air and sunshine from every side.
"Now you see it is just as I told you," replied Heidi, much pleased: "that here at my grandfather's on the Aim is the loveliest spot in the whole world."
Just then the grandfather came out of the shed to the children. He brought two bowls full of foaming, snow-white milk, and handed one to Klara and the other to Heidi.
"This will do the little daughter good," he said, nodding to Klara; " it is from Schwanli and will make you strong. To your good health ! Drink away ! "
Klara had never tasted goat's milk, so she had to smell of it a little first, to see what it was like. But when she saw how eagerly Heidi drank down her milk without stopping once, it tasted so wonderfully good to her, then Klara began and drank and drank, and really it was as sweet and nourishing as if there were sugar and cinnamon in it, and Klara drank until there was nothing left in the bowl.
" To-morrow we will take two," said the grandfather, who was well satisfied to see how Klara followed Heidi's example.
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