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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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"Now listen and mind," said the uncle. "From to-day on let Schwanli do as she likes. She knows where the best feed is ; so if she wants to go up, follow her. It will be good for the others too ; and if she wants to go higher than you usually go with her, follow on and don't keep her back do you hear? If you have to climb a little, it won't do any harm ; go wherever she likes, for in this respect she has more sense than you, and she must have the very best feed, so that she will give splendid milk. Why are you looking over there as if you would like to swallow somebody ? No one is in your way. There, now, go on, and remember what I have told you ! "
Peter was accustomed to follow the uncle's orders. He immediately started along; but it was plain to be seen that something disturbed him, for he kept turning his head and rolling his eyes. The goats followed and pushed Heidi along with them for a little distance. Peter approved of this.
"You must come too," he called out threateningly; "you must comg too, if I have to go after Schwanli."
"No, I cannot," Heidi called back; "and I cannot come with you for a long, long time, as long as Klara is with us. But grandfather has promised that some clay we may come up together."
With these words Heidi had torn herself away from the goats and now ran back to Klara. Then Peter shook both fists so threateningly toward the wheel chair that the goats sprang to one side; but he at once sprang after them and, without stopping, went on up a
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