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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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306                                              HEIDI
long distance until he was out of sight, for he thought the uncle might have seen him, and he preferred not to know what sort of an impression his gestures made on the uncle.
Klara and Heidi had planned so much for that day that they did not know where to begin. Heidi proposed to write a letter to the grandmamma, for the good lady for her part was not perfectly sure that it would please Klara up there for any length of time, or indeed be good for her health; so she had made the children promise to write her a letter every day, and to tell her everything that happened. In this way the grand­mamma would know when she was needed on the Aim, and until then could stay quietly where she was.
" Must we go into the house to write ? " asked Klara, who was willing to send a report to her grandmamma, but it was so pleasant outdoors that she did not want to go in.
Heidi knew how to manage. In a twinkling she ran into the hut and came back laden with all her school materials and a three-legged stool. She laid her reader and writing book in Klara's lap, so that she could write on them, and seated herself on the little stool by the bench, and then they began to tell the grandmamma what had happened. But after every sentence she wrote Klara had to lay her pencil down and look around her. It was quite too lovely ! The wind was no longer so cool as it had been; it hovered around their faces, gently fanning them, and whispered softly up in the fir trees. Merry little insects danced and hummed in the
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