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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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clear air, and a great stillness lay over all the sunny landscape. The lofty, rocky peaks looked down so big and still, and the whole wide valley below lay wrapt in quiet peacefulness. Only now and then the merry shouts of some shepherd boy sounded through the air, and the echo gave back the tones softly from the crags.
The morning passed, the children knew not how, and the grandfather came with the steaming bowls, for he said they must stay outdoors with the little daughter as long as there was a ray of light in the sky. So the dinner, as on the previous day, was placed before the hut and taken with enjoyment. Then Heidi rolled Klara in her chair out under the fir trees, for the chil­dren had decided that they would spend the afternoon sitting in the lovely shade and tell each other what had happened since Heidi left Frankfurt. Although everything had gone on in the usual way, still Klara had all sorts of things to tell about the people whom Heidi knew so well, living in the Sesemann house.
So the children sat together under the old fir trees, and the more eagerly they talked the louder whistled the birds up in the branches, for the chatting below pleased them and they were anxious to take part in it. Thus the time passed and before they knew it evening had come, and the army of goats came rushing down, their leader behind them, with wrinkled brow and anger in his manner.
" Good-night, Peter ! " Heidi called out to him, when she saw that he had no idea of stopping.
" Good-night, Peter! " called out Klara pleasantly.
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