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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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30S                                               HEIDI
He gave no reply and, angrily snorting, drove on the goats.
When Klara saw the grandfather lead pretty Schwanli to the stall to be milked, she was all at once seized with such a longing for the spicy milk that she could hardly wait until he came out with it. She was surprised at herself.
" It is very strange, Heidi," she said; "as long as I can remember, I have eaten only because I had to, and everything I took tasted like cod-liver oil, and I have thought a thousand times : ' If only I never had to eat!' and now I can hardly wait until your grandfather comes with the milk."
"Yes, I know what that is," replied Heidi quite understandingly, for she thought of the day in Frank­furt when everything stuck in her throat and would not go down. But Klara could not see how it was. In all her life long she had never eaten outdoors in the fresh air, as she had done to-day, and never in this high, invigorating mountain air.
When the grandfather came with his little bowls, Klara seized hers quickly, thanking him for it, drank it eagerly, and this time finished before Heidi.
" May I have a little more ? " she asked, holding out her bowl to the grandfather.
He nodded, much pleased, took Heidi's bowl also, and went back to the hut. When he came out again, he brought with each bowl a thick cover, made of different material from what covers are usually made.
In the afternoon the grandfather had taken a walk
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