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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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to the green Maiensass to the cow-keeper's hut where they made sweet, bright, yellow butter. He had brought home from there a lovely round ball. Now he had taken two nice slices of bread and spread them thick with the sweet butter. These the children were going to have for their supper. Both immediately took such deep bites of the appetizing slices that the grand­father stood still to see them continue, for it pleased him.
Later, when Klara was again gazing at the sparkling stars from her bed, she followed Heidi's example ; her eyes closed immediately, and such a sound, healthful sleep came over her as she had never known before.
The following day passed in the same delightful way, and also the next, and then came a great surprise for the children. Two strong porters came climbing up the mountain, each one carrying on his back a high bed, all arranged in the bedstead, both covered exactly alike with a white coverlet, clean and brand-new. The men also brought a letter from the grandmamma. It said that these beds were for Klara and Heidi, that the hay beds were to be taken away, and that from this time on Heidi must sleep in a regular bed. In the winter one of them must be sent down to Dorfli, but the other was to remain up there, so that Klara would always find it, if she came back. Then the grand­mamma praised the children on account of their long letters and urged them to continue writing every day, so that she might always know everything about them as if, well — as if she were with them.
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