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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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The grandfather went into the hut, threw the con­tents of Heidi's bed on the big heap of hay, and laid away the covers. Then he came back to help the men carry the two beds up into the loft. He pushed them close together so that the view through the window might be the same from both pillows, for he knew what delight the children took in the morning and evening light as it came in there.
Meanwhile the grandmamma stayed down in Ragatz and was highly delighted with the excellent reports which reached her every day from the Aim.
Klara became more and more charmed with her new life, and she could not say enough about the grand­father's kindness and thoughtful care of her, and how merry and amusing Heidi was, — much more so than in Frankfurt,—and how every morning her first thought when she awoke was : —
"Oh, praise the Lord; I am still on the Aim ! "
This remarkably delightful news was a fresh joy to the grandmamma every day. She found also that under the circumstances she could defer her visit to the Aim a little longer, which she was not sorry for, since the ride up the steep mountain and down again was rather difficult for her.
The grandfather must have felt a remarkable interest in his little charge, for not a day passed when he did not think of something new to strengthen her. Every afternoon now he took a walk up among the rocks, higher and higher, and every time he brought back a little bundle, which scented the air for a long distance
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