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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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like spicy pinks and thyme, and attracted the goats at evening, so that they all began to bleat and leap and tried to push all together into the shed where the plants lay, for they knew the odor well. But the uncle had made the door fast, because he had not climbed high up on the rocks after the rare plants, that the whole crowd of goats might get a good meal without any trouble. The herbs were all intended for Schwanli, that she might give still richer milk. It was plain to see how this extraordinary care affected her, for she tossed her head in the air more and more vigorously, and, besides, her eyes flashed fire.
It was now the third week since Klara had come up on the mountain. For several days when the grand­father had brought her down in the morning to place her in her chair, he had said : —
" Will the little daughter not try just once to stand on the ground a moment ? "
Klara had tried to do as he wished, but had always said immediately: " Oh, it hurts me so!" and had clung fast to him; but each day he had let her try a little longer.
Such a beautiful summer had not been seen on the Aim for many years. Every day the beaming sun shone in a cloudless sky and all the little flowers opened their chalices wide and gleamed and sent their fragrance up to it, and at evening it threw its purple and rosy light over the rocky peaks and across the snow fields and then disappeared in a blazing sea of gold.
Heidi told her friend Klara about it all again and
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