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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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312                                        HEIDI
again, for it could only be seen properly up in the pas­ture, and she was especially enthusiastic about the place up on the slope where there were great quantities of shining, golden wild roses and so many bluebells that one would think the grass was blue, and near by great bushes full of little brown flowers which smell so lovely that one has to sit down on the ground among them and never wants to leave them. Sitting under the fir trees, Heidi had just been telling again about the flowers up there and the sunset and the fiery rocks, and then such a longing seized her to go up there again that she suddenly jumped up and ran to her grandfather, who was sitting in his shop carving.
" Oh, grandfather," she called out before she was at all near him, " will you come with us up to the pas­ture to-morrow ? It is so lovely up there now ! "
" I will agree to it," said the grandfather in assent; " but the little daughter must also do me a favor: she must try again hard this evening to stand."
Heidi came back, shouting for joy, with her news to Klara; and Klara promised to try to stand on her feet as many times as the grandfather wished, for she was immensely delighted to take this journey up to the beautiful goat pasture. Heidi was so full of joy that she called out to Peter as soon as she saw him coming down that evening: —
" Peter! Peter ! we are coming up with you to-mor­row, to stay all day."
In reply Peter growled like an angry bear and struck out furiously at the innocent Distelfinck, trotting along
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