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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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Very early the next morning the uncle came out of the hut and looked around to see what the day was going to be.
On the lofty mountain peaks lay a reddish-golden light; a cool breeze was beginning to rock the branches of the fir trees to and fro; the sun was coming up.
For a while the old man stood earnestly watching how, after the high mountain tops, the green hills began to shine golden, and then the dark shadows gently faded away from the valley and a rosy light flowed in, and both heights and depths gleamed in the morning gold. The sun was up.
Then the uncle brought the wheel chair out of the shop, placed it ready for the journey in front of the hut, and afterwards went in to tell the children how beauti-ful the morning had dawned, and to bring them out.
Just then Peter came climbing up the mountain. His goats did not come so trustfully as usual by his side, and close in front of him and behind, up the moun­tain, they sprang timidly around here and there, for Peter kept striking about him without any occasion, like a madman ; and wherever he hit he hurt. Peter had reached the highest point of anger and bitterness.
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