HEIDI, illustrated - complete online book

The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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316                                              HEIDI
eyes ! His enemy had already gone rushing far below, driven on faster and faster; then it turned over again and again; then it bounded up in the air and fell down on the ground again, and went rolling over and over to its destruction.
Pieces were flying away from it in every direction — feet, cushions, back, all thrown high in the air. Peter took such furious delight in the sight that he jumped high with both feet together; he laughed aloud, he stamped with joy, he leaped around in circles, he kept coming back to the same spot and looking down the mountain. He burst out into fresh laughter and danced anew for joy. He was completely beside himself with delight at the ruin of his enemy, for he saw good things in prospect for him. Now the strange child would have to go away, for she had no means of moving about. Heidi would be alone again and come up to the pasture with him, and in the morning and at evening she would be there when he came, and everything would be as it was before. But Peter did not consider what it meant when one has begun to do a wicked deed, or what the consequences may be.
Heidi came jumping out of the hut and ran to the shop. Her grandfather followed her with Klara in his arms. The shop door stood wide open; both boards had been taken away, so that it was as light as day in the farthest corner. Heidi looked all about, ran around the corner, and came back again with the great­est amazement in her face. Just then her grandfather came along.
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