HEIDI, illustrated - complete online book

The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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" What is it ? Have you rolled the chair away, Heidi ? " he asked.
" I have looked for it everywhere, grandfather, and you said it was standing by the shop door," said the child, still looking in every direction.
Meanwhile the wind had grown stronger; it rattled around the shop door and suddenly threw it with a crash back against the wall.
"Grandfather, the wind has done it!" exclaimed Heidi; and her eyes flashed at the suggestion. " Oh, if it has blown the chair down to Dorfli, it will be too late before we can get it back, and we can't go at all."
" If it has rolled down there, it will never come back, for it is in a hundred pieces," said her grandfather, stepping around the corner and looking down the mountain. " It is singular how it happened," he added as he looked back at the distance, for the chair had to go around the corner of the hut first.
" Oh, what a shame ! we can't go now, and perhaps never," bewailed Klara; " now I shall really have to go home, for I haven't any chair. Oh, what a shame ! What a shame ! "
But Heidi looked quite trustfully up at her grand­father and said: —
" Surely, grandfather, you can find a way, so that it won't be as Klara thinks, and that she won't have to go home right off? "
"We will go up to the pasture this time as we intended; then we will see what will happen next," said the grandfather.
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