HEIDI, illustrated - complete online book

The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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The children shouted for joy.
He went back into the hut, brought out a good num­ber of wraps, laid them in the sunniest place near the hut, and set Klara down on them. Then he brought the children their morning milk and led Schwanli and Barli out of the shed.
"Why is he so long coming up this morning?" said the uncle to himself, for Peter's whistle had not yet sounded.
The grandfather then took Klara up with one arm and the wraps with the other.
"There, now, forward ! " he said, starting along ; "the goats may come with us."
This pleased Heidi. With one arm around Schwanli's neck and the other around Barli's, Heidi followed after her grandfather; and the goats were so delighted to go again with Heidi that out of pure affection they almost squeezed her to death between them.
When they reached the pasture, all at once they saw the goats standing in groups, peacefully grazing here and there on the slopes, and Peter lying at full length in the midst of them.
"Another time I will cure you of passing us by, sleepy-head ; what did you mean ? " the uncle called out to him.
Peter jumped up at the sound of the well-known voice.
" Nobody was up," he replied.
"Did you see anything of the chair?" asked the uncle again.
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