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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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" Of what ? " said Peter crossly, in reply.
The uncle said nothing more. He spread the shawls out on the sunny slope, placed Klara on them, and asked if she was comfortable.
"As comfortable as in my chair," she said, thanking him ; " and I am in the most beautiful place. It is so beautiful here, Heidi, so beautiful!" she exclaimed, looking all about her.
The grandfather started to go back. He said they ought to enjoy themselves together now, and when it was time Heidi must bring out the dinner, which he had left packed in the bag, over in the shade. Then Peter would give them as much milk as they wanted to drink, but Heidi must take good care that it came from Schwanli. Toward evening the grandfather would re­turn ,• now he wanted above all to go after the chair and see what had become of it.
The sky was deep blue, and not a single cloud was to be seen anywhere. The great snow field beyond them sparkled like thousands and thousands of gold and silver stars. The gray rocky peaks stood high and steadfast in their places, as they had done for ages, looking down solemnly into the valley below. The great bird rocked himself up in the blue, and the moun­tain wind passed over the heights and blew cool around the sunny Aim. The children were indescribably happy. Now and then a little goat would come and lie down by them for a while ; the affectionate Schneehopli . came most frequently and laid her little head against I Heidi, and would not have gone away at all if another
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