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The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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320                                        HEIDI
one of the flock had not driven her off. Thus Klara learned to know the goats so well that she never mis­took one for another, for each had a quite different face and peculiar manner.
They now felt so familiar with Klara that they came quite near and rubbed their heads against her shoulder; this was always a sign of friendship and affection.
Several hours had passed in this way, when it occurred to Heidi that she would like to go over to the place where there were so many flowers, and see if they were all open and as beautiful as they were the year before.
When her grandfather came back at evening they might go there with Klara, but perhaps the flowers would already have their eyes closed then. Heidi's long­ing kept increasing until she could resist it no longer. So she asked a little timidly : —
" Would you be angry, Klara, if I should run away very fast and leave you alone ? I should so much like to see how the flowers are; but wait"—a thought came to Heidi. She jumped aside and pulled up some beautiful bunches of green plants ; Schneehopli im­mediately came running toward her, and she took her around the neck and led her to Klara.
" There, you must not be left alone," said Heidi, pushing Schneehopli to a place a little nearer Klara. This the goat understood very well and lay down. Then Heidi threw the leaves into Klara's lap, and she said, much delighted, that Heidi must go now and take a good look at the flowers ; she was perfectly willing
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