HEIDI, illustrated - complete online book

The Story Of A Young Orphan In Switzerland

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to stay alone with the goat; it was something she had never done before.
Heidi ran away and Klara began to hold out one leaf after another for Schneehopli; and the goat was so tame that she nestled up to her new friend and ate the leaves slowly out of her fingers. One could easily see how contented she was, that she dared to lie so quietly and peacefully in this place of refuge, for outside with the flock she always had to endure a great deal of per­secution from the big, strong goats. How delightful it seemed to Klara to sit in this way, all alone on a mountain, with only a little trusting goat looking up at her so helplessly. A great desire arose in her to become her own master and be able to help some one else and not always be obliged to take help from others. And so many thoughts which she had never had before came to Klara, and a strange desire to live on in the beautiful sunshine and do something to give pleasure to some one as she was now pleasing Schneehopli. An entirely new joy came into her heart, and it seemed as if everything she knew might be much more beauti­ful and different from what she had ever seen before; and she felt so contented and happy that she had to throw her arms around the goat's neck and exclaim :—
" Oh, Schneehopli, how beautiful it is up here; if I only could stay here always with you! "
Meanwhile Heidi had reached the place where the flowers were. She screamed with delight. The whole slope lay covered with shining gold. They were the bright rock roses. Thick, deep clusters of bluebells
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